Trade show, conference or sports event coming up? We’ve got everything you need. From clothing and accessories to promotional items and giveaways, find what you need to draw attention to your booth – and stand out from the competition.


Dress the part – at your booth or around town.


Hand out giveaways that get you noticed.


Put your logo on every note you write.


Keep your business within reach.

Sports Events

Gear up for sports events or fundraisers.

Customisation Styles

Choose the look that's right for you.
Stand out with high-quality, durable stitching - just upload your logo.
Get a clean, classic look - perfect for one-colour logos and text.
Full-Colour Transfer
For real stopping power, this overlay of intense colour creates a brilliant, crystal-clear image.
Full-Colour Inkjet
Enhance your logo with rich textures as ink is set into the material.